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If you want to introduce a new product, penetrate new markets, generate sales, and/or sustain profitability, we’re here to help.

With cost of labor skyrocketing, Amzo Group offers cost effective solutions that can minimize your business labor expenses. We offer a wide array of virtual solutions that are suitable for businesses that are looking to expand their clientele. Whether your business is on a starting phase, or your business is an established one, we are here to assist you attaining your goal. Whether your business offers a product, or a service, we can help.

Web Solutions

From creating or enhancing websites and blogs to improving web traffic, there are no projects too small or too big for our team of experts to handle.


Create your web pages and/or blog articles correctly and truthfully. Stay away from spinners. We have a large team of proficient writers who are passionate about writing.

Appointment Setters/Telemarketers

Prospecting for new clients, as well as setting appointments for existing clients, is time consuming yet, studies have shown that it is the most imperative activities for any sales or service based companies. Our team of polite and experienced appointment planners/telemarketers are ready to assist.

Virtual Assistants

Besides being cost effective, our team of VAs are ready to help you 24 hours a day. Whether it’s transcribing,transferring files, or any other administrative activities, our respectful and efficient VAs are here to help.